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Simply said ? We are an alternative solution for controlling almost every air suspension system out there, straight from the phone.

What's NSHIFTED composed of ?

There are 2 parts: a hardware and a software one. The software part is the NSHIFTED App itself. The hardware part is the NSHIFTED ECU and optionally, the NSHIFTED sensors.

What's the NSHIFTED ECU ?

The NSHIFTED ECU is the main enclosure, found in every NSHIFTED system, that allows the user to control the suspension by phone.

What are the NSHIFTED sensors ?

The NSHIFTED sensors are an extra component of the NSHIFTED system. They provide additional features like displaying the pressure of each air bag and tank on the phone, and the ability to save up to 4 suspension states (presets).

Are the NSHIFTED sensors based on pressure or height ?

We currently provide pressure-based sensors, although we are investigating the possibility of installing height sensors, using the same NSHIFTED ECU sensor-specific wires. This means that the NSHIFTED ECU sensor-specific wires (5) can be connected to either pressure sensors or height sensors.

What do you mean by sensors being optional/extra ?

It means that the core functionality of NSHIFTED (which is controlling the air suspension system) can work just fine without the necessity of sensors. You can either get the full package at once (ECU + sensors), or upgrade to sensors later on, straight away, without the need for changing the ECU.

How can I upgrade to Pressure Sensors ? Can I also upgrade from 3 sensors to 5 ?

You can easily upgrade from the basic ECU-based system to Pressure Sensors by purchasing any of the Pressure Sensors upgrade packs. No additional ECU modification are required.
You can also upgrade from 3 to 5 sensors, or downgrade, just by purchasing what you desire. Upon upgrade, if you return the other component you have just upgraded from, we will return a part of its value - provided that the components and parts are working correctly and are not broken in any way.

Is NSHIFTED a full air suspension management system ?

It is not. NSHIFTED can be seen as a module that attaches to the current air suspension system's solenoid valves - the valves/manifold that control the air flow in the system.

How do I know NSHIFTED is compatible with my current air suspension system ?

The way NSHIFTED controls the system is by controlling the solenoid valves. There are 8 wires in total that communicate with the solenoid valves, each one representing a certain action that can be done on the valves (e.g. "front left up" action, etc.). As long as you have access to the PLUS (+) polarity of the solenoid valves, then this means NSHIFTED is compatible.

Can I run NSHIFTED in parallel with other air suspension management systems ?

Absolutely. The installation is still the same. The solenoid valves can have multiple wires connected to their PLUS (+) polarity - which means multiple control systems can live in parallel.

What should I know about my current solenoid valves/manifold in order for NSHIFTED to be compatible ?

Make sure the solenoid valves are controllable via PLUS (+) polarity and have GROUND (-) as common, and not the other way around.

Can NSHIFTED App run on my phone ?

The app is currently supported by iOS 9 (e.g. iPhone 5) and above, as well as Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above.

How can I get NSHIFTED ?

Just visit our SHOP, everything you need is in there.

How do I get the NSHIFTED App ?

You can find the app free on App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Last Updated: July 18th, 2019

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