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Elevate Your
Air Suspension Game
To The Next Level!

Get to know the most enjoyable, performing and intuitive air management system.

Your Car On Your Phone

Get the most out of your air suspension experience. Swift and powerful, NSHIFTED offers a variety of pre-defined and adjustable features in order to make the interaction with your air ride suspension unforgettable

nshifted light speed control

Light-Speed Control

Very sharp and responsive air bags suspension control with zero delay time

nshifted performance


Fast suspension control, straight-away connection, rapid suspension presetting

NSHIFTED Air Suspension Management App Intuitive Experience

Intuitive Experience

Eye-candy and intuitive interface alongside an enjoyable user experience

All New Wireless TouchPad

The perfect in-car device for monitoring and controlling the air suspension.
Fully touchscreen with magnetic anodized aluminium case, the compact design offers infinite ways of mounting, keeping everything
clean and non-invasive inside the car. Includes audible feedback, screen orientation and much more!
NSHIFTED Air Suspension Management System App Manifold


All in One! Complete air suspension management system based on a 8-electric valves block with the NSHIFTED ECU at its core, for a cleaner and better looking air suspension setup.

Choose the setup that’s right for your needs

Artboard 30


App Control and Core features



ECU for App Control
Pressure Sensors
24 pressure bar laboratory manometer


ECU + 3 to 5 Pressure Sensors



ECU for App Control
3 to 5 Pressure Sensors


Valves + ECU + 5 Pressure Sensors



ECU for App Control
5x Pressure Sensors
Just one tap away from your air suspension

Ready to get the app?