NSHIFTED is a fresh and slick Air Suspension Management System,
attachable to any air valves/manifold, making the suspension controllable by phone.

Full suspension control, suspension save presets, constant suspension height monitoring and much more!


top left

Connect or disconnect from the Air Suspension System (ECU).

Pressure Gauges

middle left

Display the pressure of each air bag and of the air tank(s) of the air suspension system as a bar/psi number alongside a graphic and animated representation.

Preset/Save Buttons

top left

Memorise and access up to 4 air suspension custom states, based on air bags current pressure. Pressure sensors are required for this feature.


Choose whether to auto-connect or not, as soon as the suspension is in range.

Metric System

Pressure measure units. Enable for bar, disable for psi.

ECU Lights

Enable or disable ECU's lighting.

Sound & Vibration

Enable or disable sound & vibration on connect/disconnect.

Independent System

Depending on the air suspension's number of solenoid valves (2 - front to back or 4 - each individual wheel), enable or disable this option.


Front Axle Primary Controls

top right side

Adjust the pressure of front axle air bags,
or individually - each front air bag.

Rear Axle Primary Controls

bottom right side

Adjust the pressure of rear axle air bags,
or individually - each rear air bag.

Auxiliary "All-Up" Control

above pressure gauges

Raise the pressure in all existing air bags.

Auxiliary "All-Down" Control

below pressure gauges

Lower the pressure in all existing air bags.

Pressure Sensors

Enable or disable the pressure sensors.


Enable or disable the suspension monitoring and auto-adjustment.

Sensors Value

Air bags sensors' maximum capacity.

Tank Sensor Value

Tank sensor's maximum capacity.

Up/Down Custom Value

Maximum/Minimum pressure value the suspension will raise/lower to.

Reset Presets

Wipe all current saved presets.


Cross Compatibility

Designed to be used on most air suspension systems out there, either built custom or pre-built

Advanced Car Feedback

Important data communicated by the suspension, straight to the phone

Highly Responsive Communication

Very sharp and responsive air suspension system control, with zero waiting time

Plug & Play Install

Easy setup for both cars with an already existing air suspension or without one

Innovative Interaction

Eye-candy and intuitive interface on the phone, alongside an enjoyable experience

Unique & Secure Connection

Activate the app with your personal ECU code and empower the bond with your suspension


The NSHIFTED ECU is the core hardware enclosure that exist in every NSHIFTED system. The ECU handles both sides - the car (air suspension) and the NSHIFTED App (the user interacting with the air suspension). On the air suspension end, the ECU controls the solenoid valves and gathers information from the NSHIFTED Pressure Sensors (if existent). On the App end, the ECU establishes the connection with the App, translates the user's actions (done on the App) so the air suspension system knows how to interpret them, and sends the gathered pressure data (if existent) to the App.


Owner's Manual

Deep-dive into NSHIFTED and take a more in-depth look at each aspect of the product. The Owner's Manual contains every piece of information, explained in detail, that you might need to know about NSHIFTED.


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Few words about our vision...

Air suspension. We do believe it's a great thing!
The love for engineering perfectly fusioned with our passion for cars, therefore NSHIFTED was born. We strive for quality and performance, while keeping and eye out for beauty and providing an enjoyable user experience. All of these aspects are embodied into NSHIFTED and turn an apparently simple air suspension management system, into a great experience.


Few words from #nshiftedgang and their stunning cars

I'm having such a great experience using NSHIFTED, very well-designed!

Simply in love with my new air suspension!

Mercedes-Benz E300 Hybrid

Psk @paschalis_psk

Huge performance and quality upgrade

Huge performance and quality upgrade


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