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Get the most out of your air suspension experience. NSHIFTED offers a variety of pre-defined and adjustable features in order to make the interaction with your air suspension unforgettable

Light-Speed Control

Very sharp and responsive air suspension control with zero delay time


Fast suspension control, straight-away connection, rapid presetting

Intuitive Experience

Eye-candy and intuitive interface alongside an enjoyable user experience

Swift BLE Connectivity

No pairing required, no delays, no lag. Instant auto-connect to your air suspension system

Continuous Access Control

Permanent access to the air suspension, the car doesn't need to be turned on

Pressure Gauges

Visual display on the app of the amount of pressure - bar/psi - in the air bags and tank

Height Gauges (soon)

Visual display on the app of suspension ride height

4 Suspension Presets

Save up to 4 suspension states and easily preset the suspension anytime

Compressors Control

Virtual and adjustable pressure switch and/or manual compressors control

Rise on Ignition

Based on duration or preset, auto-adjust the suspension on ignition


Monitor the suspension and make adjustments to always keep a certain preset

Voice Control

Talk with your suspension like never before!
Control it by voice


Experience the air suspension in a different manner, by controlling it with joysticks


Keep track of your time spent connected or playing with the air suspension


Custom-tailor and adjust the app based on your personal needs


Cruise Safe & Pressure/Height monitoring alerts for TÜV or Police

Sync'd Devices

Both TouchPad and App can simultaneously connect to the ECU and work in parallel

Cross Compatibility

Stand-alone ECU designed to be used on most air suspension systems

Plug & Play

Easy setup for all cars with or without an air suspension system

Low Power

Battery save mode - after a certain inactivity time, system automatically goes to sleep

Highly Secured

Each ECU is unique and requires App activation, thus making the connection personal and secure


We are always improving and releasing new features! Keep your ECU up-to-date via Wi-Fi

We are always open to feedback and to improving NSHIFTED!

Let us know if you have any particular needs or ideas that you would like to see within NSHIFTED.

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