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Audi S3


The name of this beautiful little bug is Custard - the cleanest 8P we have ever encountered. Chadlin did an outstanding job in maintaining the OEM aspect of the car, while adding huge improvement aspects and a fitment on 18" 3SDMs that some would die for. The interior was also not ignored at all - surely a great spot to be. It's not only a pretty face, but also a beast under the hood. The air flow of the suspension is handled by AccuAir's VU4 solenoid valve manifold and of course, to top it all off, Custard's stunning stance is controlled straight from the phone, with NSHIFTED.

Mercedes-Benz E300 Hybrid


Elegance and style, right ? Well, of course, it's a Mercedes. The AMG visuals and Rohana wheels spice the combo up, giving this Merc a plus of wickedness and presence. It's important to connect with such car when driving it, so it's safe to say the enhanced steering wheel delivers this and lives up to its expectations, as well as the custom-built full exhaust. Lowered on, again, custom-built air suspension system mixed with the most appropriate air suspension management - NSHIFTED.
The best thing about this stunning car ? IT CAN BE YOURS. Yep, it's for sale!

Volkswagen Passat


Why old cars ? This is exactly why. Very appreciated wherever he goes, Mario's daily Passat is guaranteed to attract the crowd. A true gem, from the insanely tidy exterior, to the full leather with red seat belts interior. To top it all off, a fresh set of BBS RS. What can be better ? It goes without saying that the air suspension and the NSHIFTED management system fit just perfect.

BMW 7 Series


The "landyacht" of BMW, cruising on 20" Vossen wheels. With colours like that, it's a fact Virgil's 7er is a head turner. Clean and charismatic, bossy at the same time, the car runs a custom-built air suspension system that is tamed, of course, using NSHIFTED.

Skoda Fabia


You just can't go unnoticed when driving this thing. Alex's Fabia si truly a stunning view. Currently running on a green-yellow colour mix, 18" Audi OEM wheels and a custom-built air suspension, the car is known for stealing the show whenever and wherever it's making an apperance. Even though there are no pictures with the car on Instagram because of his fashion pursue, Alex promised us we will get much more of his eye-catching Fabia very very soon - excited for that!

Audi A3


We are pretty dang sure this car hates us. However, we love it dearly. Marius's A3 has played a key role in developing NSHIFTED. Previously running a more elegant look on the Mercedes-Benz OEM wheels, it has now completely changed its form, mixing purple, gloss black, Rotors wheels, a full S/RS visual look and yellow-accent alcantara interior parts, the clean tamed A3 truly broke bad. We are still abusing it (burried the front end in the mud while testing or constantly killing the battery and compressors are just a few things) with the latest NSHIFTED tests, features and improvements. Thank you Marius for letting us destroying your baby, we promise we'll get you a new one. Some day. In this life. Probably.

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