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Are you experiencing any issues with NSHIFTED? Let us help, get in touch with our support team or fill in the form below to claim your Warranty


NSHIFTED ECU has 2-years warranty for the vehicle on which they were originally installed by the initial owner or dealer.

NSHIFTED Pressure Sensors (including both stand-alone and manifold sensors) as well as Manifold Solenoid Valves have 1 year warranty for the vehicle on which they were originally installed by the initial owner or dealer.

Warranty applies provided that the products or components were installed correctly and exactly as instructed by NSHIFTED, not modified or altered, and operated as expressly intended by NSHIFTED.


NSHIFTED is the sole entity entitled to repair or replace any defective products or components.
When a component is sent to us, we will assess the situation and provide further details regarding the issue, charges & costs, shipping and duration of the repair.
NSHIFTED reserves the right to take as much time as needed in order to solve the problems.
In case of returning a product or component, the customer will be eligible for a full refund, providing the product or component is in the same condition as shipped, not damaged or altered in any shape or form, and returned (shipped to us) within 2 weeks from receiving it.

Help, Support & Contact

Get in touch with us if you are experiencing any issues with your NSHIFTED system, if you need a repair or if you need to send the system back to us for warranty.

Claim your Warranty

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Upon the return of a failed component(s) at customer’s expense, NSHIFTED will determine the cause of failure and notify the customer about the next course of actions. In case of failure due to defectively manufactured parts, then NSHIFTED will either repair or replace the failed components at their own discretion and in a timely manner. In case no issue was found, the customer will be liable for shipping back. 
If the failure occured due to improper installation or misuse of the system – as determined by NSHIFTED, a repair charge will be assessed and the customer will be contacted before work is performed or replacement parts are shipped. NSHIFTED reserves the right to take as much time as needed in order to solve the problems.
Owner's Manual

Everything you need to know

Dive right in and take a more in-depth look at each aspect of NSHIFTED. The Owner’s Manual contains every piece of information, explained in detail, that you might need to know about the air ride system. From how it works, what each button do, to installation help and advice.

Frequently Asked Questions


Simply said? We are top-tier solution for controlling almost every air suspension system out there, straight from the phone or our own remote TouchPad.


What’s NSHIFTED composed of?

There are 2 versions: The NSHIFTED Manifold which is a one-piece complete air suspension management system – includes Valves, NSHIFTED ECU and Pressure Sensors. And the second version which is the stand-alone ECU attachable to any air suspension system, making it controllable by phone. Optionally, the NSHIFTED Pressure Sensors can be added to the stand-alone version.

The other important piece of the system is the control interface: NSHIFTED App and/or NSHIFTED TouchPad.


What’s the NSHIFTED ECU?

The NSHIFTED ECU is the main enclosure, found in every NSHIFTED system, that allows the user to control the suspension by phone or TouchPad.


What’s the NSHIFTED Manifold?

The NSHIFTED Manifold is a one-piece full air suspension management system. Includes electric valves for controlling the suspension, NSHIFTED ECU and 5 Pressure Sensors, everything housed inside a compact and well-designed enclosure.

What’s the NSHIFTED TouchPad?

The NSHIFTED TouchPad is our in-house designed remote control for interacting with the NSHIFTED ECU, implicitly with the air suspension system. It’s a full capacitive touch device with rechargeable battery, audible & haptic feedback and over-the-air updates. Features 2x USB-C connectors for flexible installation and can be installed both wirelessly or wired.


What are the NSHIFTED sensors?

The NSHIFTED sensors are an extra component of the NSHIFTED system. They provide additional features like displaying the pressure of each air bag and tank on the phone, the ability to save up to 4 suspension states (presets) and much more.


Are the NSHIFTED sensors based on pressure or height?

We currently provide pressure-based sensors, although we are developing the possibility of installing height sensors, using the same NSHIFTED sensor-specific wires. This means the NSHIFTED ECU sensor-specific wires (5) can be very easily connected to either pressure sensors or height sensors.

The NSHIFTED Manifold already includes 5 miniature Pressure sensors.


What do you mean by sensors being optional/extra?

It means that the core functionality of NSHIFTED ECU stand-alone version (which is controlling the air suspension system) can work just fine without the necessity of sensors. You can either get the full package at once (ECU + sensors), or upgrade to sensors later on, straight away, without the need for changing the ECU.

The NSHIFTED Manifold already includes Pressure sensors.


How can I upgrade to Pressure Sensors ? Can I also upgrade from 3 sensors to 5?

You can easily upgrade from the basic ECU-based system to Pressure Sensors by purchasing any of the Pressure Sensors upgrade packs. No additional ECU modification are required.
You can also upgrade from 3 to 5 sensors, or downgrade, just by purchasing what you desire. Upon upgrade, if you return the other component you have just upgraded from, we will return a part of its value – provided that the components and parts are working correctly and are not broken in any way.


Is NSHIFTED a full air suspension management system?

The NSHIFED Manifold is a full air suspension management system. However, it requires a compressor and tank in order to achieve a fully functional air suspension system.

The NSHIFTED ECU is not. This stand-alone version can be seen as an additional module that connects to the current air suspension system’s solenoid valves – the valves/manifold that control the air flow in the system.


How do I know NSHIFTED is compatible with my current air suspension system?

The way NSHIFTED ECU controls the system is by controlling the solenoid valves. There are 8 wires in total that communicate with the solenoid valves, each one representing a certain action that can be done on the valves (e.g. “front left up” action, etc.). As long as you have access to the PLUS (+) polarity of the solenoid valves, then this means NSHIFTED ECU (stand-alone version) is compatible.

This is not applicable in case of the NSHIFTED Manifold, since everything needed to control the suspension is already in the Manifold.


Can I run NSHIFTED in parallel with other air suspension management systems?

Absolutely. The installation is still the same. The solenoid valves can have multiple wires connected to their control pin – which means multiple control systems can live in parallel. In case of the NSHIFTED Manifold, the additional cable we provide can be used in order to attach an extra management system.

Make sure to check with the current management instruction manual as well as NSHIFTED Owner’s Manual, in order to make sure everything is compatible.


Is there a warranty for the NSHIFTED system?

Yes, of course. Full details can be found on the Warranty page here: nshifted.com/warranty.


Can NSHIFTED App run on my phone?

The app is currently supported by iOS 13 and above. The Android version is currently supported by Android 4.4 and above.


How can I get NSHIFTED?

Just visit our SHOP, everything you need is in there.


How do I get the NSHIFTED App ?

You can find and download the App for free on AppStore, as well as Google Play.


Last Updated: March 9th, 2023

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