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We are always improving NSHIFTED, stay up to date! The ECU and Manifold offer a micro-usb female connector inside the enclosure, that can be used for updating the software



A laptop or computer with Windows OS that can run XLoader.
XLoader is a super light-weight and simple software that we use for uploading software firmwares to hardware devices. No installation required.

Micro-USB Cable

The micro-usb cable is used for bridging the upload between XLoader and NSHIFTED micro-controller. Any cable can be used, as long as the male connector is micro-usb and cable supports data reading/writing.


For opening up the NSHIFTED enclosure. Any small phillips or flat/slotted-headed screwdriver can work. The enclosure screws are M3.

How To

It’s super easy! Download XLoader and desired NSHIFTED firmware, open up the NSHIFTED enclosure, connect the micro-usb cable and hit upload! Follow the steps below for an in-depth walkthrough of the updating process


Use the screwdriver to open up the NSHIFTED enclosure and find the micro-usb female connector on the NSHIFTED micro-controller.

2. Connect

Connect the micro-usb end of the cable to the NSHIFTED micro-controller and the other end to the Windows OS computer/laptop.

Note: If the usb port is not visible, install Driver_USB.exe from the archive.

3. Download

Get the NSHIFTED firmware file (.hex) and archive.

Unzip and launch XLoader.exe

4. Upload

Open the XLoader.exe software.

  • Hex file: Find and select the NSHIFTED firmware file (.hex)
  • Device: Choose “Duemilanove/Nano (ATmega328)” option
  • COM port: Choose the appropriate usb port that corresponds to the micro-usb cable
  • Baud rate: 57600 (default)

That’s all, hit “Upload” and a confirmation message should appear when the upload has finished.

Current Versions



Current version: 2.6.0
Jan 2, 2022



Current version: 1.0.0
Jan 2, 2022



Current version: 2.0.2
May 1, 2022



Current version: 0.0.2 Beta
Feb 11, 2020

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