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Versioning & History

We are actively improving NSHIFTED. Stay up-to-date with our latest features and releases!



Current version: 2.6.0
Jan 2, 2022



Current version: 1.0.0
Jan 2, 2022



Current version: 1.0.2
Jan 20, 2023



Current version: 2.0.3
Mar 6, 2023



Current version: 0.0.2 Beta
Feb 11, 2020

Current Version: 1.0.0 – Jul 2, 2021

What’s new:

  • Production-ready software version – most up to date

Current Version: 2.6.0 – Jan 2, 2022

What’s new:

  • Send feedback to app when ignition is triggered


Version: 2.5.0 – Jul 2, 2021

What’s new:

  • Sensors communication improvements

Version: 2.4.0 – May 28, 2021

What’s new:

  • Ability to change the ECU color

Version: 2.3.0 – Jan 3, 2021

What’s new:

  • Sensors communication improvements
  • Compressors features fixes
  • Rise on ignition fixes
  • LEDs software improvements

Version: 2.2.0 – Nov 14, 2020

What’s new:

  • Sensors readings adjustments
  • Bluetooth communication improvements
  • Rise on ignition and auto-leveling fixes

Version: 2.1.0 – Apr 26, 2020

What’s new:

  • New preset saving algorithm
  • Added auto-leveling change value feature
  • Sensors adjustments

Version: 2.0.2 – Jul 11, 2019

What’s new:

  • Added 3x LEDs support

Version: 2.0.1 – Jun 18, 2018

What’s new:

  • ECU memory adjustments
  • Preset adjustments
  • Sensors adjustments

Version: 2.0.0 – Jan 19, 2018

What’s new:

  • Created the new v2 code based on v1 code
  • Added rise on ignition feature

Current Version: 2.0.2 – May 1, 2022


– Fixed “All Up” button remaining stuck as purple when Rise on Ignition preset is triggered


Version: 2.0.1 – Feb 11, 2022

Improvements all around, including:

– Restyled connect/disconnect button graphics

– Added vibration on preset failure

– Fixed preset button color going from purple to white before preset finishing

– Rise on Ignition fix for preset button not lighting up

– All Up button is now lighting purple (active) when Rise on Ignition is triggered

– Fixed pressure text going back from green to white on some edge cases

– Text changes on preset saving popups

– Set app’s minimum iOS version to 13

Version: 1.3.2 – Dec 19, 2021

New NSHIFTED ECU V2 and Manifold compatibility. Improvements & Layout fixes for the new iPhone 12/13 generations. Fixed left-specific individual buttons not working after coming back to the app from background. Temporary disabled auto-leveling feature.


Preset Saving by Adjustment – When saving to a preset, there is now a possibility of adjusting the pressure in the airbags to the exact desired values.


Preset Preview – Easily preview the saved pressure values of a preset on the pressure gauges.


Safety Features, compliant with TÜV and Police requirements.

  • Cruise Safe: by activating the Cruise Safe feature, when lowering the car, the NSHIFTED will stop the suspension at the chosen Cruise Safe pressure value and display 0 bar/psi on the gauges. The lowering-specific buttons are no longer lowering the suspension.
  • Pressure Alert: receive a sound & vibration alert in case the pressure drops below or raises above a certain level (mainly used for TÜV purposes)


Voice Control – experience controlling your air suspension in the most intuitive way possible. By speaking to it!


Auto-Leveling frequency – ability to change auto-leveling’s time interval/frequency. Available only in the new NSHIFTED V2 ECU.


Compressor Control – ability to start or stop the compressor/s. Available only in the new NSHIFTED V2 ECU.


Pressure Switch in-App – ability to start or stop the compressor/s based on a min and max pressure value. Available only in the new NSHIFTED V2 ECU.


Control ECU Lights 

  • customize the standby and connected ECU lighting.
  • tap the round solid colored circle in the middle to change the color or simply navigate to the main view. Available only in the new NSHIFTED V2 ECU.


Fine-tune Manual Control – offers the possibility of manually controlling the suspension by using fine inputs. Keep holding the manual control button to override the fine-tune and continue controlling.

Presets & Pressure:

  • Pressure gauges stability improvements.
  • Presets saving improvements for both V1 and V2 ECU.
  • Presets accuracy improvements.
  • Gauges progress animation


  • ECU Code support for new V2 and legacy V1 ECUs.


  • Added NSHIFTED ECU Code Number inside Info screen.

Calibration sneak peak – new feature coming soon for perfectly tailoring the NSHIFTED to the actual car & air suspension – this is a big feature that will help a lot with the presets.

Version: 1.3.2 – Dec 19, 2019

Improvements all around, including:

  • iOS 13 navigation fixes.
  • iPhone XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max compatibility.
  • Feedback message in form of temporary alert when connecting to the suspension.
  • Changed the preset failure notification message and added “Try again” button.
  • Other minor improvements.

Communication with the ECU:

  • Fixed a very rare case when on connect, the app sends wrong data to the ECU.
  • Haptic feedback on suspension control (button touch).

Presets & Pressure:

  • Pressure gauges stability improvements.
  • Presets accuracy improvements.
  • Preset saving improvements.
  • Preset buttons are no longer interactable when a preset is active.


  • Fixed the ability of activating multiple presets while the auto-leveling feature is active.


  • Improved graphics.


  • Improved and optimised the activation process.
  • Vibration feedback on successful activation.

Version: 1.3.1 – Apr 17, 2018

iPhone X support


  • Improvement in form of feedback in case the presets exist on App but not on the ECU – requires ECU version 1.1.0

Sneak peeks:

  • “Rise on Ignition” added to the App – will be available in NSHIFTED V2 alongside many more.
  • NSHIFTED on Apple Watch coming soon. Control your favourite air suspension quick and simple, right from your wrist!

Version: 1.3.0 – Jan 15, 2018


Joysticks! Experience a fresh and different way of controlling your air suspension system. The Play tab page under Settings now contains redesigned controls in the shape of joysticks, for a much more play-oriented feeling.

Minor bug fixing

  • Fixed “All Down” image remaining lit up after sliding and disconnecting

Version: 1.2.0 – Jul 28, 2017


Auto-leveling! By enabling the auto-leveling feature on a specific preset, the NSHIFTED system will start to monitor the suspension, constantly making slight adjustments in order to keep the suspension at the desired state.

Communication with the ECU:

  • Minor improvements for supporting both upcoming Android ECU versions and older versions.

Version: 1.1.0 – Jun 13, 2017


  • Added sound & vibration when connecting and disconnecting from the air suspension.


  • Ability to enable/disable the sound & vibration feature, from Preferences screen.

Version: 1.0.1 – Jun 6, 2017


  • Improvements on preset accuracy when going from aired out to a saved preset.


  • Added links on “UPGRADE” labels, on the Preferences screen.

Launch Version: 1.0.0 – Jun 1, 2017

Current Version: 0.0.2 Beta / Early Access – Feb 22, 2020

  • Improvements all around the app
  • Layout fixes


Launch Version: 0.0.1 Alpha –

Current Version: 2.0.2 – July 11, 2019

What’s new:

  • added 3x LEDs support
  • increased preset close time from 5 to 8 seconds
  • ignition beta testing
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